SGL Deliver Industry-Leading Level 5 Events Training

SGL Event Manager Jamie Storer is revolutionizing security training for events – most recently working with Professor Kemp to deliver Crowded Space Management training to a range of Event Managers and Event Supervisors within SGL.

In collaboration with Rob Kennedy, the company's Training Development Manager, we have completed the first course of Crowded Space Management training – an NQF Level 5 training course.

The detailed, academic course covers a range of safety and security topics:

  • Understand the need for knowledge of scientific notions related to crowds
  • Determine why the scientific theory of crowds has to be applied in context
  • Comprehend what aspects of theory can be attributed to certain kinds of activity within the crowd

Interview: Jamie Storer - SGL Events Manager

Why is it important to invest in event-specific security training?

There is a real desire for events-focused security training.

Events are a specialist area of security, and there is a real need to ensure security professionals are fully equipped for the range of environments and challenges unique to events.

Our investment in training our people also shows our clients and customers that SGL takes safety at events very seriously, and shows the work that goes in behind the scenes to achieve our award-winning standards.

Is this a challenge for the wider security industry?

Police Scotland recently highlighted the need for increased event security training as part of an independent review into private security at events.

It is clear that the industry needs to respond.

Through our focus on training, SGL is continuing to develop and add to the skill levels of our people, instilling a greater understanding and appreciation of event security.

Why has SGL focused on Crowded Space Management?

Crowded Space Management training is a massive statement for SGL and a very valuable topic to cover. The risks involved with the management of large groups of people are considerable – it is important that our people are fully versed in this area. 

The tragic events at Cookstown Hotel in Ireland, where 3 young people lost their lives in a sudden crowd stampede, serves to highlight the importance of being capable of fully assessing crowd risks and taking steps to prevent serious incidents.

In addition to this specific course, SGL has continued to deliver a number of events training courses. It is as a result of our training-focused approach that SGL and our clients are supported by skilled security professionals. We are investing in our people, developing their abilities to safely manage a range of unique and challenging situations they are likely to face at a range of events.

Does SIA training cover event security?

SIA training covers many licensed security environments, though more formalised training in events would represent a step towards greater safety at everything from local council events to the busiest football fixtures, concerts and large-scale outdoor/indoor events.

What is your vision for the future of the SGL Events Department?

We have set our bar high. We are the current holders of the prestigious Events Team of the Year Award at the IFSEC Security Excellence Awards – and this is the industry-leading level we aspire to.

An excellent service can only be delivered by excellent people. Our people are our most valuable asset and so their development is central to the quality of our services.

We will continue to focus on our training program, drive even higher standards of service, provide our people with opportunities to develop, and adding new projects and events to our portfolio.

Image Caption The course includes a range of interactive practical exercises to clearly illustrate key course concepts.

Crowded Space Management

Managing crowded spaces is informed by scientific and mathematical theory, linked to psychology, human interaction, and human spatial mapping.

The laws of physics, such as Newton's First and Second Law's, explain the movement of crowds, the forces exerted on, as well as by them, and how the dynamics of crowds can change.

Simple mathematical principles are also used to ascertain flow rates, ingress, egress and circulation.

This course provides an integrated approach, where the scientific theories mentioned above are combined with social constructs including proxemics, topophobia and topophilia, theories of play and human spatial mapping as well as sociology and psychology, providing a holistic understanding of the key principles and concepts at work in the crowded space.

Professor Kemp's organisation has an impressive portfolio of clients, including the England Football Team manager, Gareth Southgate, and the executive leadership development programme for the Olympic and Paralympic Head Coaches.

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