Business Security Consultancy

Our Service Expertise

Our senior management staff and directors include experienced ex-military and Police Service officials, as well as several industry experts and influencers. These key staff members are responsible for providing valuable advice to our clients, examining and assessing their security during the initial mobilisation phase and then regularly throughout the duration of the contract. Through their experience, we are able to develop a detailed understanding of the associated risks across clients’ security management and procedures, and to ensure that these risks are appropriately planned for.

Our Focus

Following meticulous analysis, SecuriGroup develops tailored action plans to address the identified security risks. Our strategic consulting then extends to providing recommendations for the most appropriate mitigation plan as well as step-by-step assistance in implementing it. Throughout every step of the process and in every possible capacity, SecuriGroup supports clients in building efficient and reliable business security systems which protect their employees, assets and customers.

Our Capabilities

Through our expertise in providing thorough site analyses for our clients, SecuriGroup can offer recommendations as to the best steps businesses can take to protect themselves. Advice will be prepared and distributed to each individual client which will focus on a number of specific areas agreed first with the client, and may include how a building will be best locked down in the event of a serious incident, whether the current arrangement is satisfactory, who should be responsible for lockdown, and recommendations regarding specific processes to be followed.

Looking for more information?

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