Insider Threat & Internal Fraud

Our Service Expertise

Whilst most organisational threats are external, the threat from insiders is very real which businesses neglect at their peril. SecuriGroup advises on how organisations can seek to minimise the risks from insider threat, to identify those at risk, and how to investigate any allegations of wrong-doing to an evidential standard.

Our Focus

Our careful approach to internal security is implemented on an operational level through our extensive vetting procedures in line with BS 7858, the British Standard for Screening and Vetting. This process allows us to place complete trust in our personnel, who will in turn be trained to identify and mitigate signs of insider threat at all levels of our clients’ operations.

Our Capabilities

As insider threat encompasses such issues as internal fraud, sabotage, and corporate espionage, and is linked to other key areas of security such as data protection, access control, and CCTV monitoring. Our employees are trained in how to identify suspicious behaviour, and security systems must be appropriately designed to minimise access from untrusted internal staff (e.g.: tiered access control). SecuriGroup also protects clients from insider threat in an advisory capacity: our security specialists will provide invaluable guidance on how clients can protect themselves from any risks associated with fraud.

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