Strategic Event Planning

Our Service Expertise

A key aspect of our planning is our tailored risk assessment, which is carried out for each event and venue by industry experts within our senior management. This includes Operations Director Allan Burnett QPM BSc(Hons) FSyI, former Assistant Chief Constable and Counter-Terrorism Co-ordinator for ACPOS, who has delivered strategic risk assessments to many high-profile clients. The risk assessment process is carried out in close consultation with the client and identifies the various security threats, their likelihood and impact, and the means by which they will be mitigated.

Our Focus

Our process is complemented by thorough testing and exercising. Testing - an often overlooked, yet crucial, aspect of the planning process - ensures that current contingency plans are appropriate and up to date. We will design, test and exercise regimes to evaluate current plans in order to establish if they are fit for purpose; these tests and table top exercises are then carried out in the lead-up to every event and any identified weaknesses addressed, ensuring all staff are fully prepared for every eventuality.

Our Capabilities

We offer a wide range of planning services in respect of, for instance, major sporting, entertainment and political events. SecuriGroup recognises that thorough planning is essential to the success of an event. SecuriGroup will deploy highly trained and professional staff to carry out comprehensive site assessments before the event to ensure we adhere to best practice at all times and offer the safest security provision.

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